About Our LBG


Local BEST Group (LBG) Istanbul Yildiz is a student community that brings together Yıldız Technical University students with students in Europe, provides communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities, and acts as a bridge between students and companies. As LBG Istanbul Yildiz, we try to combine engineering not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with socialization and human relations. It continues its continuity as an official member of Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), to which it became an observer in 2008, in 2009.

BEST Istanbul Yildiz, which has expanded its target audience by including university students and academics studying outside of Yildiz Technical University, continues its activities with more than 100 members, 80 of which are active, in total, called observer, baby, full and alumni. The aim of the Board of European Students of Technology is to provide environments where all students can carry out joint academic and project studies and to coordinate these studies in the best way possible. Another important aim of the club is to establish a strong communication network between its members in Europe and YTU members that will not be lost for years.

As BEST Istanbul Yildiz, we have Public Relations (PR), Corporate Relations (CR), Information Technology (IT), Design and Vivaldi departments and a Human Resources (HR) team. We provide our members with the opportunity to work in teams and departments to gain experience.